Hot sexy girl giving Nuru massage

Nuru Massage in Bole

Our Nuru massage in Addis Ababa

Nuru massage is a massage with a lot of sensuality. Full body massage with a special gliding gel is something to try

Tantric Massage in Bole

Tantric Massage By Bole Nuru and Tantric

Tantra Massage is a form of sensual massage that focuses on the primary erogenous zones of the body. The massage incorporates a range of techniques from different schools of massage with elements inspired by yoga, bioenergetics, and sexual therapy.

Lingam Massage in Bole

Lingam Massage in Bole Nuru and tantric

During this lingam massage / healing session I will massage your lingam - Sanskrit for the male sexual organ - lovingly and with respect. Through which the fire in your pelvis can awaken and you can fully experience the power of this fire, your sexual potential. The starting point is to distribute this vital healing Kundalini energy that is released throughout the body. This gives you the opportunity to experience your body as one orgasmic whole, often experiencing feelings of bliss, ecstasy and wholeness. book this massage now.

Body to body Massage in Bole

Bole Nuru and Tantric Offer B2B

Many men prefer Body 2 Body, because is one of the most Erotic Massages our beautiful girls are offering. This massage will awake all your sensual senses which are locked deep inside you, they will start with putting on you really softly the massage oil and then really sensitive touches all over your body and then she will start to get closer and closer with all of her body into yours till she release the pressure from your body after a long day on work or you just have been really stressed.

Erotic Massage in Bole

Bole Massage in Addis Ababa

Our Erotic Massage Service is one of the best in Addis Ababa and it provides from really beautiful masseuses will provide you the best massage you ever had in your life. The Erotic Massage she will give you is really great and relaxing, will bring you in another world name of paradise, where you will get not only relaxing feeling but also extremely pleasure from the way is giving you the massage.

Four Hands Massage in Bole

Get Naked Massage in Addis

Our Four Hands Massage it always provides from 2 of our gorgeous girls on your choice, they will make feel really great with their 4 hands massage, how many people says ‘’ Twice is Nice ‘’ and we can make you it’s true, it’s just because all of our clients have a really great reviews and comments about the way of making this excellent massage from 2 professional beautiful masseuses which going to show you that the massage can provide more than we ever have expected from, they will make your body so excited and addicted to all this that you will start to coming back at least once a month looking forward to our Erotic Four Hands Massage in Addis Ababa.

Escort Girls in Bole

The Best Escort Girls in Addis Ababa

If you are looking for a respectable and professional Escort service, then you have come to the right place in Bole nuru & Tantric Escorts. We concentrate on offering the best possible service to every single client, no matter what they are looking for – or who! We do our best to deliver that quality of service and personal dedication to each person, so that each and every one of our clients has only good memories of the services used and time spent with our girls. We cover a huge array of different escorts so that our selection, our character and our style can always be put to the very top of our list of priorities. This helps us make sure that all of our clients arrive and finish in the best possible spirits. for selection contact us on telegram or WhatsApp